Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust

To many, a silver dialed Datejust with a fluted bezel is THE Datejust. It’s what comes to mind when they hear the name, and it’s the classic tried and true version of the iconic Rolex that is as ageless as Joan River’s face (may she rest in peace).

Submariners are one of our favorite watches, but we’re not James Bond (except in our dreams), and prefer to wear something else for more formal occasions. Being the Rolex fanboys that we are, Datejusts fill that niche perfectly, and besides, it’s nice to break up the monotony of all sports watches all the time. Wear it with a suit and tie to the office during the week and with jeans a t-shirt on the weekend; you can never go wrong pulling a Datejust out of your watch box. It’s always a great choice. 

We bet no one has ever explained it this way: a silver dialed Datejust is like herpes, Rolex has had it forever, and it will never go away. Paul Newman Daytonas have come and gone, McQueen Explorer IIs have come and gone, but silver DJs aren’t going anywhere. For as long as Rolex continues to sell watches, they’ll sell silver Datejusts, and this is one watch that you can be sure will never go out of style.


We've said it over and over again - the Datejust may just be the perfect watch. Coupling perfect proportions, simple dial layouts, and robust movements, Rolex's most prolific model is an icon of timekeeping that has been in continuous production for decades. Let’s face it, the Datejust is all the watch that just about any of us really need.

The beauty of the Datejust is that it is the ultimate do-anything, go-anywhere watch. One part sporty and one part dressy, the Datejust wears just as well with jeans as it does with a suit, and thanks to the signature Oyster case and tough-as-nails movement, it’s ready for anything that you can throw at it. 

In production continuously since 1945, the original Datejust was the world's first wristwatch to incorporate a date disc and aperture at 3 o’clock. The cyclops magnifier over the date window was introduced in 1954, and as we all know became a signature Rolex design cue.  

Since then, dates at 3 o’clock has become commonplace, and the Rolex cyclops magnifier bubble has become a hallmark of the brand. Datejusts have proudly been worn by presidents, athletes and movie stars (and probably your grandfather), in a testament to how timeless and versatile the watch truly is.

Where so many watches can be a little too big here, or a little to small there, the Datejust is just right, embracing the wrist with its thin and tapering 36mm case. And while recent horological trends have favored large wristwatches, the age of the giant watch is behind us (thankfully), making more reasonably sized watches, like the original Datejust, a pleasantly stylish option that fits the bill.

There's a magic to the Datejust's simple design, a timelessness that speaks to how true style never dies.


Steel oyster case is approximately 36mm (excluding the crown). Rolex Reference 16014. Circa 1983.

Steel oyster case is approximately 36mm (excluding the crown). Rolex Reference 16014. Circa 1983.

Overall Condition: Case is in excellent condition throughout, showing no major blemishes or signs of over-polishing.  Original dial and handset are in fantastic condition with light even patination.  Original case back and Rolex signed crown.

Includes original Jubilee Bracelet and two 20mm nylon straps by Crown and Buckle.

Also includes original inner and outer boxes, COSC certification paperwork, and Guarantee Booklet.

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