DOXA Sub 300T Sharkhunter Aqua-lung

DOXA Sub 300T Sharkhunter Aqua-lung

For those newbies in the audience, DOXA Sub 300 Series diving watches are just about the coolest timepieces from the golden age of diving. In the late 1960s, SCUBA was enjoying rapid expansion amongst amateurs, and some of the coolest innovations in dive watch technology date to this era. Of those innovations, DOXA is responsible for a handful of the most important, which should have cemented their place in history and driven the market into a furor when vintage sports watches took off in the past 15 years with collectors. Alas, DOXA has remained a relative unknown to all but a few collectors, and values are but a fraction of what they could be if they were better known.

Our personal crusade to promote the awesomosity of vintage DOXA diving watches may be paying off - inquiries keep pouring in, and many excellent pieces we have curated have sold this past year. It is always sad to see these rarities leave the collection, but we are thrilled to see them being appreciated and enjoyed.

With this increase in awareness to the DOXA story, we have been even more vigilant in our search for excellent early examples for our inventory, and are very pleased to present this excellent example of a Sub 300T Sharkhunter. Featuring the same technical elements and design as the rest of the series, the Sharkhunter models are fitted with black dials that lend a truly technical look to the timepiece.  To add additional credence, a Sharkhunter model was worn by none other than Jacques Cousteau, and this particular example also features the US Divers/Aqualung logo on the dial, meaning it was originally retailed through Cousteau's brand at dive shops in the United States.

Vintage DOXA Subs may not be on "serious" collector's radar yet - which is all the more reason to get one before these incredible early divers take off!

For more information on vintage DOXAs, check out Dr. Peter Millar's excellent website HERE, as well as some of our own musings on the subject for Christies, Man of The World and DreamChrono.



Stainless Steel case is approximately 42mm (excluding crown).

Overall condition: Fully mechanical restoration by DOXA SA in 2002. Case is in good unpolished condition showing signs of wear from age and use. Original dial is in excellent condition with no signs of water damage, scratching, or pitting. Luminescent elements on dial and original hands have patinated evenly to a beautiful caramel color. Bezel is in great condition and retains good coloration and crisp printing throughout. Genuine DOXA case back (engraved RHD) and unsigned crown.

Includes two premium nylon straps by Crown & Buckle.

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