DOXA Sub 300T Divingstar

DOXA Sub 300T Divingstar

Mankind has always been fascinated with the ocean. As man conquered the unexplored regions of the Earth—and even the solar system—the vast world beneath the waves still mystified (and terrified) the mariners who sailed over it. Still, there were brave souls who dared venture into the depths and sought to breathe like fish.

Early attempts to develop underwater breathing devices were achieved as early as the 19th Century. For example, in 1865 the first mass-produced regulator, was patented by Rouquayrol-Denayrouze. But these early devices relied on surface air supply, long hoses that greatly limited the depths the divers could reach. 

In the 1930s a Frenchman named Yves Le Prieur devised a diving suit that incorporated a cylinder of compressed air, carried on the back, which freed divers to swim farther and deeper than ever before without the encumbrance of a hose that tethered them to the earth.

But of course the Aqualung—ancestor to modern SCUBA equipment—was what made recreational diving possible for the masses.

The story of the Aqualung—tested in the waters of Lake Neufchatel by Jacques Cousteau as World War II raged above him—is as legendary as the man who invented it.

And though Cousteau often wore Blancpain Fifty Fathoms in his expeditions, in the late 1960s he collaborated with DOXA to design a watch that is inexorably associated with him.

A dive watch needs to be rugged, the case thick enough to withstand increased atmospheric pressure at depth. DOXA achieved this with a rounded cushion case design that would become one of the most recognizable silhouettes of the era. On the bezel DOXA incorporated an innovative feature—the U.S. Navy No -Decompression chart, with the outer depth scale in orange and the minute scale in black, which allowed divers to time their dives.

DOXA experimented with many different colors—bright orange, silver, black, but found that the color ultimately didn’t affect visibility. When you go deep enough, every color looks grey. However, it’s the luminescent material on the dial that really makes the difference, and the watch that DOXA designed—the Sub 300T—has it in spades.

Nevertheless, bright dial colors became the Sub 300T’s calling card, standing out on shelves amid a sea of black-dialed Submariners.

While the Sub 300T Professional with its bright orange dial is perhaps the most definitive of them all, DOXA released a version of the Sub 300T with a bright yellow dial. The Divingstar, with its slightly thicker case, is certainly one of the rarest and most elusive of the line, due to its relatively infrequent appearance in the vintage timepiece marketplace. Exact quantities of these watches are unknown, data scanty, but they’re certainly uncommon enough to merit interest.

This particular Divingstar has been the subject of some tender loving care over the years, and must have seen some gorgeous days on deck. The lume of the hands has been restored, as well as on parts of the dial, and the crown has been replaced at some point in its life. Strapped on thick leather, it’s the perfect companion for a sunny summer day, and the bright yellow of its dial will carry the warmth of the sun with you as the days grow colder.


SKU: AS01598

Stainless steel case is approximately 42.5mm (excluding crown). Circa Early 1970s.

Overall Condition: Case is in very good condition overall with moderate signs of use and wear. Bezel ring has been professionally refinished. Dial is in very good condition. Luminescent elements of the hands and some hour markers have been professionally restored. Unsigned crown Signed case back with Synchron logo has some signs of moderate use and wear.

Includes one 20mm brown leather strap.

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