Handmade Leather Strap - Cask
$ 145.00

Handmade Leather Strap - Cask

We have a watch collection because we like variety. Wearing the same watch everyday could get boring, and wouldn't allow us to fully enjoy all that this hobby has to offer. The same can be said for straps. Switching between a steel bracelet, a nylon strap and a leather strap can transform one watch into several. For many collectors, a fresh strap can rekindle deep feelings for a wrist-weary watch.

Many of the watches that come through our doors have fared much better over the years than their original straps, and we've had to source leather and nylon replacements that have a level of quality worthy of the best vintage pieces in the world. Nylon was the easy part - our friends at Crown & Buckle supply us with the best nylon straps on the market.

Leather wasn't so simple. We had to wade through the morass of imported junk to find leather manufacturers that do things the right way. We wanted the old-school stuff, with handcrafted quality and workmanship that is quickly becoming a lost art in the 21st century. No big automatic machines, no laser cutters or industrial gluers - we wanted craftsman working on leather hides with knives, needles and thread in their hands.

Finally, we've found the perfect team to partner with, and together, we’re offering what we firmly believe to be the finest leather straps available from craftsmen who celebrate the centuries-old tradition of leatherwork. The result is a strap that is tailored for comfort and built for wear, constructed from 100% American leather tanned right here in the U.S.A.

So whether you’re rekindling the love for a well-worn piece, or decking out a new purchase, we’re certain that these will be the perfect fit.


Our Cask Strap is a lightly distressed chestnut color with a hand-stitched keeper and contrasting darts. 

Single-layer 100% American leather tanned and crafted in the United States.  Includes brushed steel buckle.    

Approximately 123mm + 75mm in length and 2.3mm thick.

Because these straps are handmade using natural hides, expect small variances in color, construction and length. Leather straps will age and stretch slightly with time.  Keep 'em out of the water!



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